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(Zophobas Morio)

Superworms are the larvae of a different beetle than a mealworm. They are much larger than the large mealworms, ranging between 1 ½" to 2" in length and are known for their digestibility and long shelf life. Superworms have different requirements for keeping and storage. They must be fed and given a water source, such as carrots, lettuce, or cucumbers. They also must be kept at room temperature with fresh feed, such as wheat bran or oatmeal. Superworms are used by reptile enthusiasts and fisherman alike. Superworms are great bait for catfish. (Call us and we will let you in on a secret!) Superworms are very fast moving and somewhat aggressive; perfect for the predacious instinct of reptiles.

Note: 25 CT cups require a minimum order of 4 cups. Quantity less than 4 cups will void order.



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