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Bluebird Feeders
  Bluebird Feeders
Grubco's bluebird feeder features a sturdy continuous hinge on top for easy access to cleaning and putting mealworms into the feeder. There is an easily removed plexiglas panel for getting your bluebirds started coming to your feeder. Simply remove the panel for the first week so the bluebirds may easily locate and feed on the mealworms in the feeder. We recommend putting the mealworms in a cup or dish. After they are acclimated to coming to feed on the mealworms, replace the panel and the very smart bluebirds will enter the side holes to feed. This will keep any unwanted birds from feasting on the mealworms. The holes are sized and located specifically for the bluebirds so no alteration is necessary. You may hang the feeder from the provided heavy duty cable or you can mount the bluebird mealworm feeder to a pole or post. Any way you decide to use it, you will join thousands of happy bluebird feeder users.

Price: $27.95


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