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(Galleria Mellonella)

Waxworms are the larvae of the moth Galleria Mellonella. They are called bee moth or wax moth in some areas. Waxworms are a creamy white, soft bodied grub about 3/4" long. Grubco's nutritional analysis shows they are rich on protein, moisture, and fat, making them an excellent choice for some wildlife rehabilitators. Zoos feed them regularly as do reptile enthusiasts and bird breeders. Waxworms need to be kept around 60 degrees, making sure the bedding stays dry. Keeping them in the refrigerator or moisture in the shavings greatly reduces their shelf life. They require no additional feeding. Waxworms are terrific bait for pan fish, perch, bass, and even catfish. A #8 bait holder type hook is a perfect way to catch fish using waxworms. They are deadly when tipped on a jig or fly.

Note:50 CT cups require a minimum order of 12 cups. Quantity less than 12 cups will void order.



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