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Mighty Mealys
  Mighty Mealys
(Tenebrio Molitor)

Mighty Mealys are twice as big, or bigger, than our large size mealworms. These over-sized mealworms are perfect for the larger appetite. They are very lively and have been a Grubco trademark product for over fifty years! Unlike Grubco superworms, Mighty Mealys are true mealworms. Mighty Mealys have been used as live pet food by many zoos and universities for generations of animals with excellent results. They are a preferred food of Sugar Gliders. If you need a large mealworm in your animal's diet, Grubco's Mighty Mealys are just what you need. Mighty Mealys also make excellent fishing bait for trout and other various types of fish. A #2 hook is ideal for fishing with Mighty Mealys. Please keep these mealworms refrigerated as they will turn into beetles very quickly.

Note: 35 CT cups require a minimum order of 12 cups. Quantity less than 12 cups will void order.



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