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(Manduca Sexta)

Hornworms offer top quality nutrition and are great for picky eaters. They are high in calcium, low in fat, low in chitin, and have an extremely soft exoskeleton so your animal will not have trouble digesting them. Hornworms can grow as big as 3" to 4" in length. Their normal life cycle lasts around three weeks at 75°F and as little as two weeks at 85°F. If for some reason you have extra-large hornworms and no one to feed them to, you can put them in the refrigerator (40°F-42°F) and it will extend their life for a few days. When you receive the hornworms, they will be around ½" to ¾" long. They will double their size in just a couple of days. They will come with food that is specifically formulated for their optimum growth and nutrition. For maximum growth, keep at 82 degrees, but they can be kept as cool as 55 degrees to stagnate growth. If hornworms reach desired size and you are unable to feed them, you can place them in a 45 degree refrigerator for two days and take them out for one day to stop growth and maintain viability. Place the cup food side up, propped up or on a screen to ensure the hornworms get plenty of air. The worms will crawl to the food and the feces will drop to the lid for easy cleaning. Empty the feces from the cup each day.

12 Count: Contains at least 12 worms that are ¾" to 1" long and packed with enough food to reach their full growth potential of 4" long. These are great for bearded dragons, chameleons, and other large sized lizards.

25 Count: Contains at least 25 worms that are ½" in length with enough food to grow them to 1.5" in length. These are great for feeding leopard geckos, smaller dragons and like sized lizards.

Due to the temperatures, all hornworms have to be shipped UPS at this time. If you place an order for hornworms, they will be shipped UPS. The additional shipping charge will be added to your invoice when we process your order. If you need to know your shipping amount before placing your order or you do not understand this policy, please call us before placing your order online at 800-222-3563. Thank you.



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