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Fly Larvae
  Fly Larvae
(Blue Bottle Fly Larvae - Calliphora Vomitoria)

Fly larvae, also known as spikes or maggots, is the product that launched Grubco over 60 years ago. In order to market maggots or spikes to the fishing industry in 1951, the name "corn grubs" was chosen. From this emerged the name GrubCo, later changed to Grubco Inc. Our fly larvae are approximately 20% protein. Fly larvae are a very important part of an animal's diet. They are fed by many zoos to reptiles, birds, fish, and amphibians. Fly larvae have been part of the food chain for thousands of years. This ancient link with nature makes them an appealing meal, readily accepted by many insectivores. They also make excellent fishing bait for ice fishing. They last on the hook through many casts and often catch multiple fish with one spike. Use a small hook or tipped with a jig or fly and learn what the old timers know about great bait. Fly larvae are very susceptible to heat and need to be kept around 33-36 degrees.

Dry roasted fly larvae now available. 8oz cup for $10.00 + S&H

Color: White Only


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