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(Tenebrio Molitor)

Mealworms are sometimes referred to as "golden grubs". These high protein larvae make nutritious food for birds, reptiles, amphibians, or small animals. Grubco mealworms are nearly 20% protein. Medium mealworms range between 1/2" to 3/4". Medium mealworms will always fall into a constant range in size. After all, mealworms are a living and constantly growing animal. Mealworms will continue to grow and eventually turn to beetles if kept at room temperature or will become dormant if refrigerated. Mealworms will last several months if stored at 40-45 degrees. Grubco mealworms will always arrive well fed, plump, and lively. We guarantee your satisfaction of our mealworms with a no hassle refund or replacement policy.

Note: 50 & 100 CT cups require a minimum order of 12 cups. Quantity less than 12 cups will void order.

Size: Medium Only


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