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Letter from the President

Our number one goal at Grubco is to remain the leader in producing the finest quality insects for the best price. To achieve this goal, we are constantly analyzing our products and how we can raise them efficiently with the best commodities available without raising our prices. I think back to when I started 15 years ago and the price of mealworms was 1,000 for $5.00 plus shipping. Now, they are 1,000 for $8.00 plus shipping. That is only 3 price increases in 15 years! Mighty Mealys have only gone up $1.00 on 1,000! The main reason Grubco has to raise their prices is the price of commodities; mainly wheat bran, carrots, bags, and boxes. The same thing happens with the shipping services. UPS goes up every year and the mail raises their rates, therefore we have to raise our shipping rates. Unfortunately, it's a vicious cycle that is beyond our control. Grubco pledges to continue to always look for the better, faster, and most cost effective ways to ship to our customers to insure they always get their insects lively and healthy at the best cost. If you have any questions or suggestions, they are always welcome. If you have any problems or complaints, we want to hear those as well. After all, we can't correct a problem if we don't know it exists.


Sherita Turner
Grubco Incorporated

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